NuNet in Brief

Learn more about NuNet by reading our Whitepaper or Info Hub. Please read NuNets Disclaimer before installing any software on your devices.
NuNet is building a globally decentralized computing framework that combines latent computing power of independently owned compute devices across the globe into a dynamic marketplace of compute resources, individually rewarded via a multi chain Tokenomic ecosystem based on the NuNet Utility Token (NTX).
Being a multi-sided platform, NuNet will support a variety of decentralized services that are defined by use cases. These use cases will be decided on by both community and partnerships, they currently range from distributed machine learning jobs to decentralized Cardano nodes. The requirements of the use cases will drive the development of the core platform, this will ensure features that support actual use cases are prioritized and add utility to the network.
NuNet is part of the SingularityNET eco system and was originally intended to support the decentralized operation of their global AI market place. NuNet has also sought to integrate with other decentralized platforms, the diagram below shows some of the platforms we could integrate with as we build out our vision. As with the use cases, as partnerships are formed with other platforms the core infrastructure will be developed in order to support interoperability.
Last modified 9mo ago