Testing Configuration

Please read NuNets Disclaimer before installing any software on your devices.

Before running the tests, consider the following:

  • If you are a compute provider, please make sure to backup any important data you might have before onboarding your machine as this is a testing phase.

  • We use centralized components (Oracle, Control Server, Stats Network) running on our servers. Check if any configuration changes are needed to use these components.

  • Use Eternl or Nami wallets for these tests. Make sure you have enabled single address mode if using Eternl.

  • Ensure you have mNTX and tADA in your wallet. To get mNTX on the PreProd Cardano network, follow the mNTX Faucet Guide. For tADA, follow the tADA Faucet Guide.

  • For a basic outline on how to use a Cardano testnet, you can use the Cardano Testnet Guide. The Cardano address provided during DMS onboarding should match the wallet connected to the dashboard.

  • Note that compute providers would have add a collateral amount of around 5 tADA to interact with the NTX smart contract when using the Computer Provider Dashboard (CPD).

  • To check if one machine can see the other, follow the instructions in the respective component documentation.

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