Telemetry Information

Please read NuNets Disclaimer before installing any software on your devices.

NuNet Network Status is live at Nunet Status Dashboard, displaying real-time statistics about all computational processes executed on the network and their telemetry information. It tracks successful and failed processes, registered consumers, compute devices, and the amount of NuNet tokens paid by service providers to compute providers.

Dials on the right show available resources and current utilization percentages. Graphs on the left display resource availability over time.

The table at the bottom on the left displays the "heartbeats" (these are updated every minute) from currently active DMS nodes. You can expand the event to see the details.

The hearbeats list the onboarded ram and cpu for each dms so can be used to calculate the currenty available resources.

  • RAM: Memory used by a process, measured in megabyte seconds (MBs). The metric is calculated by adding spot RAM usages sampled every second for the entire time of execution, indicating actual memory consumption.

  • CPU: Processor work used to complete a process, measured in MTicks (million ticks), showing CPU time used during execution.

  • ID: lists the peer id for the heartbeat. This can be used to filter the dashboard to show events from a specific peer, see below.

The table at the bottom on the right hand side displays telemetry metrics for each process running on NuNet. You can expand these events to reveal the details.

You can see job status, time it took to run, ram, cpu and network used and the amount of ntx.

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