Flexible Workflow Design

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Agents are building blocks that can be combined to form arbitrarily complex domain specific computing workflows that can perform a variety of useful computations in the network. The same agent can participate in many workflows, and connect with other agents to form clusters. Agent mobility enables such workflows to operate across boundaries of cloud vendors, mobile devices, private clouds and more, while respecting and ensuring ownership, economic value of resources, and data security/privacy are maintained by the respective parties. NuNet implements a tokenomic mechanism to enable and facilitate the design of frictionless cross-vendor workflow execution.

In terms of workflow design, agents, using NuNet’s functionality, will be able to search for other agents in the network, which could provide building blocks for their original task, calculate the costs of such workflows, and estimate time requirements of execution. This would allow for agents to make optimal decisions with or without help from humans, and enable agents to express larger computational tasks that would be difficult for one agent to achieve.

The workflow execution aspect of computational reflection will enable agents to time, schedule and manage the actual execution of their workflow, data transfers between agents, error propagation, crash recovery, necessary caching, etc.

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