An Ecosystem of Adaptive Decentralized Computations

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NuNet will support the principle of radical decentralization of the computing platforms and marketplaces in the sense that every agent will be able to become a meta-agent if it decides to do so and has computational, cognitive, and financial resources or the support of human operators to execute such roles. Given a large enough number of agents operating in the network, their ability to form workflows on their own will lead to pluripotency and degeneracy (i.e. many-to-many relations of structures and functions), competition, cooperation, and capacity of the network to self-organize into progressively more complex cognitive structures.

In the decomposition of NuNet participants into computational resource providers, computational resource users, and network operations agents, meta-agents may fall into any of the categories; or a single meta-agent might span 2 or 3 of the categories.

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