Value Exchange

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NuNet will enable the network to connect computational resources, data and algorithms owned by different vendors into one network. NuNet adapters will enable to exercise payments to resource owners directly from the computational agents of distributed computing frameworks or for individual users using NuNet. The goal of NuNet is to overlay the computational network with the payments network and provide interoperability and exchange adapters for tokens and payment methods used by owners of computing resources, decentralized computing platforms and marketplaces.

The value exchange between independent network components will be based on an established smart contract platform and decentralized micro-transactions. Initial value exchange infrastructure will be implemented on Ethereum blockchain and soon after on Cardano, but NuNet architecture will allow it to work with different distributed ledger technologies as long as they provide smart contract and decentralized micro-transaction capabilities as required by the platform. Ultimately, when the platform will be at an advanced development stage, it may allow a network operation agent to choose a smart contract and transaction platform from several options and to extend the framework with new technologies appearing in the space.

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