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NuNet agents will support mobility of computational processes by enabling them to move between devices of the network and in this way enabling the dynamic optimization of computational workflows and business processes - bringing data closer to processes or processes closer to data. All computational processes are containers, which can be spun and installed at the location of choice. Choices of moving containers across the network will be made by workflow organizers (i.e. network operations agents), while NuNet will provide necessary APIs providing context awareness and computational reflection information as well as support installation and destruction of containers as instructed.

Note that mobility of computational agents provides not only for the greater efficiency of computational workflows by enabling processing closer to data, but also for completely new business models. For example, highly sensitive data can be processed at a client's site by planting containers with proprietary AI / ML algorithms within the boundaries of the client's private cloud and ensuring that no data is leaked. Containers with algorithms may be cryptographically signed and secured and NuNet will ensure that the container is destroyed when the computing job is done, in this way securing privacy and intellectual property of both data and computing intelligence providers.

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