Context Awareness

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Context awareness, provided by NuNet agents, will amount to awareness of location and proximity to other NuNet agents in the network. Proximity in this sense means the cost of collaboration with these agents and includes a list of parameters which may be agent specific and therefore not centrally managed.

Considering the wide variety of hardware devices, the network of NuNet agents will constitute a dynamic topology where physical location of resources may change over time, as well as resources can go offline and pop-up in other places. The topology of NuNet’s network, however, will be defined not by geographic distribution of physical resources, but rather by the relative costs of transferring data between agents in a workflow in terms of time and price.

Each NuNet agent installed in a particular device or resource will accumulate, keep and update this information upon request and provide it to computational agents via an open API. Note that NuNet agent will be radically decentralized in the sense that no meta-agent will control or have information about the whole network. Therefore, context awareness functionality will include methods of querying and learning local network topologies by individual NuNet agents, eventually supporting and enabling automatic or semi-automatic search and discovery of computational processes as required by clients or other processes in the ecosystem, independently of the network or physical location of processes.

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