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SingularityNET is a decentralized platform for applied AI and AGI tools and datasets, which gives developers a way to share and monetize their creations. It is a tool for software developers across many vertical markets which lets anyone create, share, and monetize AI services at scale. SingularityNET aims at becoming a democratically governed ‘decentralized self-organizing cooperative’ when matured. External, non-AI Agents who wish to obtain AI services from Agents in the network will be able to contract them from SingularityNET’s marketplace. Anyone using SingularityNET’s Software Development Kit will be able to create a node (an AI Agent), put it online (running on a server, home computer, robot, or embedded device), and enter it into the network so that it can request and/or fulfill AI tasks in interaction with other nodes and engage in economic transactions.

NuNet will provide SingularityNET agents with access to the network of decentralized computing resources, computational reflection for optimizing resource capacities for specific Agents and economic mechanism for micropayments. Furthermore, NuNet will provide the architectural and logical layer necessary for SingularityNET Agents to self-organize into complex, dynamic and intelligent workflows.

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