Technical Partners

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NuNet aims to integrate the widest possible variety of computing frameworks and AI networks. Integration of current and future decentralized computing and storage frameworks, such as Golem, ANKR, Iagon, Enigma, iExec, SOMN, DFinity, Storj or Filecoin, and others will be strongly considered, but NuNet will also be very open to integrate traditional public cloud infrastructures as well, in order to fully cover consumer computing needs. The majority of these frameworks have open APIs and are open-source software themselves, therefore their integration may not need partnership on the development level. However, some frameworks will be deeply integrated into the core of NuNet and a deeper technical partnership with them will be required and possibly backed by tokenomic integration via ERC-1155 type multi-tokens and cross-blockchain integrators, like Polkadot. Currently, such a framework is SingularityNET. NuNet is also engaged in collaboration with Ocean Protocol and is planning to engage in partnerships with other DAIA members.

Technical partner’s interests: Increase adoption and usage of the respective technology and framework;

NuNet offer: Increase the exposure of the partner’s technology and framework to a larger number of potential customers;

NuNet’s interests: Maximize computing transactions on the platform and maintain steady growth; minimize business risks by not relying on a single computing platform or technical partner;

NuNet will establish an open ecosystem of competitive cooperation between integrated frameworks – a marketplace of marketplaces. Due to its openness, such cooperation would self-organize towards the best technologies and services, as valued by actual business requirements and consumers.

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