Network Operators

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Network operators are a special type of AI service provider which provide AI services and algorithms needed for the operation of the NuNet platform itself. In the beginning, NuNet will be the sole network operator and develop core network operating services and populate the platform with basic network operations agents. In the medium and long term, however, the ability to offer network operating services will be opened to third-party developers. The long-term goal of NuNet is to outsource the development of network services completely and concentrate solely on the development of API of APIs and the governance of the platform.

Demands: Earn return from AI services and algorithms making NuNet platform more efficient;

Capabilities: Ability to develop services needed by other users of the platform.

NuNet offer: Allow consumers directly, or AI algorithms automatically, to discover, use and pay for computing resources and data on the NuNet platform, via task description, process validation, and other APIs;

NuNet requirements: Network operating agents developed by third parties will have to be in strict compliance with the ethical rules and in line with the spirit and vision of the platform.

Entities: NuNet, open-source software developers, software SMEs;

Since network operations agents will be a special kind of AI Services, NuNet will not build separate SDKs for building such agents, but rather will use the ones of technical partners. In beginning, therefore, network operations agents will be built using SingularityNET’s SDK and will constitute SingularityNET’s AI services (which also could be made available on SigularityNET’s marketplace).

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