Data Providers

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Data providers are individuals and organizations who register their data sources to NuNet platform and enable them to be discovered and used by other platform users.

Capabilities: Ownership or control of data that could be useful if shared; Note, that data could be static (a database on a permanent server), dynamic (a constantly changing data in a distributed network) or streaming (sensor readings from IoT devices or mobile phones).

Demands: Optimize the usage of data (e.g. sell data on an ultra-granular level, share data with partners, industry or larger community);

NuNet offer: Allow data providers to offer their data to other NuNet platform users subject to highly granular and custom criteria via data description and data ingestion APIs;

NuNet requirements: Data providers will have to provide the metadata for their data; NuNet will install NuNet adapter at each endpoint of the data provider for enabling and monitoring the appropriate usage;

Potential users: Individuals and organizations having useful but underutilized (due to privacy, security or commercial considerations) data sources;

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