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Consumers are individuals and organizations which demand machine intelligence, computing resources and data from NuNet platform and consume the results of business logic executed on the platform. Demands of consumers will be ingested into the platform via task description API. Results of completed tasks will be delivered to consumers via process validation and result description APIs. Payment gateways and aggregators will be used for the financial aspect of the interaction between consumers, providers and operators.

Demands: Business needs for AI services, data science workflows or general computing processes; data and computing resources for executing them;

Capabilities: Ability to define tasks to be carried by NuNet platform and receive and interpret their results. However, the majority of consumers of NuNet platform will most probably access the platform through integration with technical and business partners.

NuNet offer: Allow consumers directly, or AI algorithms automatically, to discover, use and pay for computing resources and data on NuNet platform, via task description, process validation and other APIs;

NuNet requirements: The only requirement by NuNet that will be the ethical usage of the platform; Ethical rules will be initially proposed by NuNet but later shaped by the community and sub-communities within the platform. By default, anybody will be able to access the decentralized platform in a generally unrestricted way and the best spirit of decentralized Web3 technologies. The universal monitoring and enforcement of the ethical rules will be governed by the community following NuNet governance structure and enabled via verification and validation functionality of the platform15.

Potential users: Individuals and organizations having complex computing and AI related tasks and business needs but lacking resources and knowledge to implement and run them using traditional means;

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