Compute providers

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Compute providers are individuals and organizations which register their computing capacities to NuNet platform and enable them to be discovered and used by other platform users.

Capabilities: Latent computing resources of owned devices;

Demands: Optimize usage of existing computing resources. The optimization criteria can differ for each provider – it could be e.g. earning additional income for underutilized computing capacities, donating existing capacities to chosen socially beneficent projects, enabling new internal or external business processes, etc.;

NuNet offer: Allow compute providers to offer a chosen amount of latent computing power to other users via NuNet platform subject to custom criteria, using resource description and discovery APIs;

NuNet requirements: Providers will have to describe their devices and user preferences; NuNet will install a NuNet adaptor on each sourced device which will enable the telemetry API;

Potential users: Individuals and organizations having latent underutilized computing power and wishing to donate it for socially beneficial causes or for crypto-income as well as in need for innovative business processes;

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