AI Service Providers

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AI service providers are individual developers and organizations which register their services (AI, data science or ML workflows) to NuNet platform for enabling them to be executed on devices provided by compute providers, use data provided by data providers and discovered and used by NuNet platform consumers.

Demands: Maximize the usage of and returns on existing knowledge expressed in terms of AI algorithms, data science workflows, ML algorithms and general computing processes;

NuNet offer: Increased usage of and return on AI services by exposing them to larger customer base via NuNet platform;

NuNet requirements: NuNet will enforce ethical rules for AI services operating on the platform. AI service providers will have to provide metadata of their services to be used for discovering and matching them with requests of consumers (with the help of service ingestion, workflow aggregation and resource discovery APIs). Note, that most of the AI services may be provided not directly to NuNet platform but through the integrated platforms of the technical partners.

Potential users: AI developers, data scientists, open source software contributors and developers, software SMEs, decentralized computing frameworks and public / private computing clouds;

NuNet are partners with SingularityNET. AI services of global AI network built by SingularityNET will be the first AI service providers on NuNet platform.

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