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If you choose to register for an account with NuNet or on our Websites, you will share Personal Information with us. When you register, create a User Account on our Website and begin using our products, we consider you a User. This section describes our privacy practices related to Users. Keep in mind Users are also considered Visitors so we collect this data in addition to what was described for Visitors.
What do we collect?
Why do we collect it?
Can you limit collection?
Email, Username and Password
● Email you about service updates, maintenance activities, security notifications, weekly summaries and other account related information
● In order to establish your account and allow you to securely access it
● No, these are required for us to contact you
● You can opt out of marketing emails, see the Opt-Out section
Phone Number
● For 2-factor authentication
● This is required to enable 2-factor authentication
Payment Data
- Credit card data
- Address
● We require the minimum amount of data to process your payment
NOTE: We do not store any financial data, as we use Stripe and/or Shopify to process the payments.
● This is required to process your payment