Tech Development Intern

Services: Tech. Development Intern
100% Remote Worldwide
To apply for this position please send your CV to [email protected] with the service as the subject line.
The Company
NuNet, a spinoff of SingularityNet, is a multi-sided platform for shared and globally distributed computing. NuNet platform is the open source software, designed to be an extremely flexible network, encompassing mobile consumer devices, edge computing and IoT devices alongside PCs, servers and data centers, allowing seamless interoperability among its components and intelligent automation of workflow design. NuNet leverages Web3 technologies, serverless container execution, service mesh orchestration, crypto-economy and more, toward creation of the decentralized “world computer”.
For more information about NuNet see:
  • interest in systems development as opposed to interest in web or mobile application development;
  • working on peer-to-peer networks;
  • utilizing blockchain;
  • interest in internals of Linux Operating system;
  • interest in programming (it might be Beginner-Level);
  • automatic testing and deployment;
  • interest in working in a DevOps area;
  • interest to learn or work further with the Go Programming Language;
Depending on your performance and professional development success as also professional growing speed, you will be able to advance towards higher responsibility for the interesting unique projects.
  • Flexible schedule
  • Remote work – ability to work from anywhere