API Manager

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To apply for this position please send your CV to [email protected]
While sending the email you need to put “API Manager” as the subject line
The Company
NuNet, a spinoff of SingularityNet, is a multi-sided platform for shared and globally distributed computing. NuNet platform is the open source software, designed to be an extremely flexible network, encompassing mobile consumer devices, edge computing and IoT devices alongside PCs, servers and data centers, allowing seamless interoperability among its components and intelligent automation of workflow design. NuNet leverages Web3 technologies, serverless container execution, service mesh orchestration, crypto-economy and more, toward creation of the decentralized “world computer”.
For more information about NuNet see:
Specifically, for the information about NuNet's design, pertinent to this job role, see the following sections of the Whitepaper and the developers’ documentation. The applicant will be responsible for setting up and carrying out the process explained in these posts.
Job Description
Product Manager API is responsible for developing, deploying, and managing APIs for the company. This includes creating and maintaining API documentation, making sure that API documentation is aligned with the codebase, integrating APIs with other systems, and supporting API developers and integrators as well as using API specifications in parts of CI/CD pipeline as part of quality assurance requirements.
The API Manager should have a deep understanding of API development, API management, and API security.
  • Develop, deploy and maintain APIs that meet business requirements;
  • Create documentation, tutorials, and other resources to support API developers and integrators;
  • Create the process for maintaining API specifications current and aligned to versioning system used by the company;
  • Developing and maintain API security policies and procedures;
  • Monitor API usage and performance;
  • Troubleshoot API integration and development issues;
  • Develop and maintain API analytics and reporting;
  • Identify opportunities to optimize API performance;
  • Support the development and integration of Open APIs with other systems (DevOps and DevRel engineers);
  • Research and evaluate new API technologies and trends;
  • Stay up-to-date on industry standards and best practices for API development, deployment, and management.
  • Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field;
  • Experience in software development, API design and management;
  • Must be able to obtain and maintain appropriate API related certifications;
  • Proficiency in developing, deploying, and managing APIs; knowledge of API security, authentication, and authorization methods;
  • Experience with web service technologies;
  • Knowledge of programming languages and frameworks such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, and Ruby;
  • Experience with API management and analytics software.
  • Experience with GitLab, AsyncAPI, CI/CD, functional and integration testing are a plus;
  • Flexible schedule
  • Remote work – ability to work from anywhere
  • Reimbursement for work related expenditures
  • Token Vesting options