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The Company

NuNet, a spin-off of SingularityNet, is a multi-sided platform for shared and globally distributed computing. NuNet platform is open-source software, designed to be an extremely flexible network, encompassing mobile consumer devices, edge computing, and IoT devices alongside PCs, servers, and data centers, allowing seamless interoperability among its components and intelligent automation of workflow design. NuNet leverages Web3 technologies, server-less container execution, service mesh orchestration, crypto-economy, and more, toward the creation of the decentralized “world computer”.

At its heart, NuNet is a software company engaged in deep-tech research and development aimed at building and bringing to the world new and amazing technological solutions. NuNet platform uses blockchain technologies and crypt-economic mechanisms for powering value exchange in a machine-to-machine marketplace of decentralized compute resources and algorithms.

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