Decentralized SPO Computing

NuNet will enable SPOs to run computing workflows on community-provisioned hardware, increasing resilience & aiding decentralization. The project is financed via a grant from Cardano Catalyst Fund7.

For up to date development updates please view our Project Development Blogs or follow our journey on GitLab. See the full proposal on Catalyst or GDrive.


How to increase the decentralization and resilience of the Cardano network?

Cardano Stake Pool Operators (SPOs) currently run on cloud-based computing solutions or bare metal. There is an increasing risk of over-reliance on big tech cloud solutions which could deny service if so desired. On the other side, bare metal means expensive hardware up-front cost and maintenance which creates entry barriers for small/single stake pool operators. Currently, a large percentage of the Cardano Network is cloud-based with an overreliance on big tech.

This brings great risk to the growth and reliability of the Cardano network.


NuNet, a spinoff of SingularityNet, allows to run arbitrary computing workflows on community provisioned hardware and provides payment gateways directly from software or application

We are offering a 3rd way -- infrastructure for running Cardano staking pools on NuNet provisioned community hardware.

With this project, we will enable two Cardano layer networks to run on the decentralized hardware (community supplied) and interact between each other.

This would greatly increase the resilience and true decentralization of the Cardano network on the fundamental level and ensure that the network is decentralized from the ground (hardware) up.

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