NuNet Platform Public Alpha

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The platform features implemented as a part of use cases like the Cardano SPO nodes and GPU based ML workflows will bring features to the platform which, once in production, will take the platform from the Private Alpha phase to the Public Alpha phase — as was originally planned in the NuNet roadmap and communicated accordingly. The currently running Private Alpha network will turn into the Public Alpha after the following features will be merged into the codebase and deployed on the mainnet:

  • NTX payment gateway, allowing users to earn NTX tokens by providing their unused compute power to the network (to be implemented as a part of Cardano SPO nodes);

  • AGIX <-> NTX payment gateway, allowing AI algorithms running on the SingularityNET AI marketplace to directly compensate compute resource provides on which they are running (to be implemented as a part of Cardano SPO nodes);

  • Community developer program, allowing for community developers and compute providers to directly contribute to the platform development and use-case integrations and get compensated for the early engagement into the platform;

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