NTX Utility Token Overview

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The NuNet Token (NTX) is NuNet platform’s native utility token described on our website and technical Whitepaper. The NTX Utility Token has the purpose of powering the global economy of decentralized computing and its network tokenomics function now and in the future. . NTX Token provides access to the computing resources and services via the NuNet platform and ultimately settles the transactions between all constituents of a computational workflow provisioned via NuNet

We like to distinguish two – strongly coupled – aspects of the NTX tokenomy: external tokenomics and network tokenomics. While the main function of the NTX Utility token is to power and facilitate transactions between network constitutes, NTX token has also an external side that exposes it to the crypto markets and allows users to acquire the token for immediate or later usage on the platform. Hereby we summarize the status and outlook towards both aspects of the NTX token.

  • Ticker: NTX

  • Total supply: 1 billion

  • Tokens distributed at launch: 300 million NTX

  • NTX Tokens offered to Community Supporters Round: 100 million

  • Circulating supply first week: 75 million NTX

  • Initial market cap: $3 million USD (at DEX listing)

  • Private placement rate: $0.02 USD (2 cents)

  • Community supporters round rate: $0.02 USD (2 cents)

  • Fully diluted valuation: $20 million USD

  • Contract : source code (link) & audit report (link)

NTX is designed to be a multi-chain utility token from the start. At the Token Generation Event, NuNet will mint 1 billion NTX tokens across two blockchains:

  • 631,250,000 NTX-ETH tokens (63.125% of the total supply) on Ethereum

  • 368,750,000 NTX-ADA tokens (36.875% of the total supply) on Cardano

NTX-ETH and NTX-ADA will be convertible on a 1:1 basis keeping the total token supply constant at all times at 1 billion NTX β€” effectively allowing holders to choose which blockchain they want to use, in the same manner as SingularityNET AGIX token. The Community Supporters Round will distribute the Ethereum-based tokens only.

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