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Network Tokenomics

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  • Ticker: NTX
  • Total supply: 1 billion
  • Tokens distributed at launch: 300 million NTX
  • NTX Tokens offered to Community Supporters Round: 100 million
  • Circulating supply first week: 75 million NTX
  • Initial market cap: $3 million USD (at DEX listing)
  • Private placement rate: $0.02 USD (2 cents)
  • Community supporters round rate: $0.02 USD (2 cents)
  • Fully diluted valuation: $20 million USD
NTX is designed to be a multi-chain utility token from the start. At the Token Generation Event, NuNet will mint 1 billion NTX tokens across two blockchains:
  • 631,250,000 NTX-ETH tokens (63.125% of the total supply) on Ethereum
  • 368,750,000 NTX-ADA tokens (36.875% of the total supply) on Cardano