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NTX is a multichain utility token that exists on Cardano and Ethereum. Initially, on November 26, 2021 NuNet minted 1 billion NTX tokens across these blockchains:

  • 581,250,000 NTX-ETH tokens (58.123% of total supply) on Ethereum

  • 368,750,000 NTX-ADA tokens (36.875% of the total supply) on Cardano

As of April 1st, 2022 50 million NTX-ETH tokens were burned and an equal amount of NTX-BNB was minted on the BNB chain. NuNet has stopped supporting NTX on the BNB Chain.

NTX tokens on BNB Chain will not be frozen. Pancakeswap liquidity for NTX has been removed. The only option remaining is to bridge the tokens to Ethereum, which must be done by the owners of the tokens; it cannot be done automatically. The bridge can be found here:

  • 50,000,000 NTX – BNB tokens (5% of the total supply) on BNB

NTX-ETH and NTX-ADA are convertible on a 1:1 basis keeping the total token supply constant at all times at 1 billion NTX – effectively allowing holders to choose which blockchain they want to use, in the same manner as SingularityNET AGIX token. The Community Supporters Round will distribute the Ethereum-based tokens only.

Always check that a token is authentic using its contract address. Official token details and addresses can be found here.

Official Token Addresses

There are some fake/scam tokens being offered on some decentralized exchanges. Always check that a token is authentic using its contract address.


NTX ETH Address: 0xF0d33BeDa4d734C72684b5f9abBEbf715D0a7935

NTX Etherscan:


NTX Cardano native token policy id: edfd7a1d77bcb8b884c474bdc92a16002d1fb720e454fa6e99344479

Asset: asset19yuner2nz27pq9pjdta50xwfyd0d2nry2l6lvu

NTX Cardanoscan:

Token Bridges

Multichain: ERC20 Converter:

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