Multi-Chain Token

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NTX is a multichain utility token that exists on Cardano, Ethereum and BNB (formally known as Binance Smart Chain). Initially on November 26, 2021 NuNet has minted 1 billion NTX tokens across these blockchains:
  • 581,250,000 NTX-ETH tokens (58.123% of total supply) on Ethereum
  • 368,750,000 NTX-ADA tokens (36.875% of the total supply) on Cardano
As of April 1st 2022 50 million NTX-ETH tokens were burned and an equal amount of NTX-BNB was minted on the BNB chain.
  • 50,000,000 NTX – BNB tokens (5% of the total supply) on BNB
NTX-ETH, NTX-ADA and NTX-BNB are convertible on a 1:1 basis keeping the total token supply constant at all times at 1 billion NTX – effectively allowing holders to choose which blockchain they want to use, in the same manner as SingularityNET AGIX token. The Community Supporters Round will distribute the Ethereum-based tokens only.
Always check that a token is authentic using its contract address. Official token details and addresses can be found here.

Official Token Addresses

There are some fake/scam tokens being offered on some decentralized exchanges. Always check that a token is authentic using its contract address.


NTX ETH Address: 0xF0d33BeDa4d734C72684b5f9abBEbf715D0a7935


NTX Cardano native token policy id: edfd7a1d77bcb8b884c474bdc92a16002d1fb720e454fa6e99344479
Asset: asset19yuner2nz27pq9pjdta50xwfyd0d2nry2l6lvu

BSC (NuNet will stop supporting BNB/BSC from January 31st,2023)

NTX BSC Address: 0x5C4Bcc4DbaEAbc7659f6435bCE4E659314ebad87

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