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Platform Development Model

NuNet Platform is geared to enable and facilitate a global economy of decentralized computing by researching, developing and integrating a large number of deep technical solutions, computer scientific ideas and cutting edge Web 3.0 technologies and combining them with the well-established computer scientific principles. The very design philosophy of NuNet Platform rests on the principle of decentralization which dissolves the need of any central components at the logical, architectural and governance levels of the platform – therefore integrates technical, governance and financial aspects into a single framework. In order to efficiently prioritize and manage the open-ended list of technical requirements and tasks needed for development of the platform, NuNet management team has developed a use-case based platform development model. The model aims to attract early adopters and real use-case oriented business and technical partnerships in order to drive the design and development of platform features with immediate real world usability.

The model can be described in terms of a few aspects – which also evolve during the development process in an open-ended manner: (1) list of envisioned platform features and aspects that need to be implemented for achieving its full functionality; (2) use-case integrations; (3) platform integrations (4) open API of APIs, enabling communication between all platform components and their decentralized development; (5) testers network and community developers program (6) organization and management of the development flow implementing the model;

NuNet considers the development model and its implementation in terms of proper project management as one of the main aspects of the success of achieving NuNet's technical vision, which is a complex multi-year technical project. One of the main aspects of the model is the ability to relate the development of the platform's features that require long-term planning, research, and integrating new protocols, technologies and approaches with the practical usages of the platform right from the start. In order to achieve that, NuNet prioritizes technical issues to be worked on by the team by selected use-case integrations and platform integrations. In this, each concrete issue relates both to the long-term technical aspects as well as current market requirements and concrete use cases.

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