Platform Features

The scope and breadth of the fully developed technical vision of NuNet’s framework is highly ambitious and involve many tough problems to solve. The experience and knowledge of the initial NuNet team and further the management and governance structure of the project will be key going forward, both for guiding incremental development of the platform and for revising the roadmap as lessons are learned and situations change.

The provisional roadmap provided here considers eight main aspects of development: 1) peer-to-peer network; 2) core APIs, description languages, and data exchange mechanisms; 3) resource and process mapping; 4) meta-marketplace; 5) optimization and orchestration; 6) data sharing and provenance; 7) human/machine -- NuNet interface and 8) partnerships and technology integrations. Learn more about NuNets Platform Features on our Whitepaper.

For an up-to-date view of current features being worked on please view our GitLab.

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